Getting to Know Me



As a digital artist, I extensively work with Photoshop and Corel Painter for over seven year. For my digital 3-D modeling and animations, I have used Autodesk Maya for over five years and I am currently training in ZBrush. My knowledge in art is not strictly limited to digital, I can draw and paint traditional art as well, including rough hand drawn animations that can be later scanned and animated in Flash or After Effects.

In regards to my educational background, I've received a certificate for "Game Art" and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences with an emphasis in Multimedia.

If I had to choose a few of my best personal traits, they would be that I am a quick learner, I can have fun while I work and still get quality products done, and having a very creative imagination.


When I am not working on my art, I am usually logged into my games or reading a good book or comic. My favorite genre of games, books/comics, television shows, and movies (pretty much anything) is fantasy and science-fiction (with the inclusion of cyber-punk, steam-punk, and dystopia/utopia themes), which I pull from and use as inspirationin my work.

Beside sitting indoors playing games, reading, watching a show, or drawing on my own time, I have picked up a new hobby that let's me enjoy the outdoors: Archery. After getting a wonderfully beautiful wooden recurve bow as a gift, I have been self-learning to use the bow and to target correctly. It is ironic, since my favorite classes of character to chose from in games are the mage and the Elven ranger, so now I can say that I know how to shoot a bow in both game and real life.