Boogie Bots: Rave Bot


Boogie Bots was a semi-correlative group project with three other advance Maya students in class. For the project, there were four different dance segments, and each of us designed and created a character for our own short solo dance sequence. However, all of the dancers interact with each other during transitions and for the final dance number where they all dance together before the credits.

My robot is Rave Bot, a pretty rave girl who loves to show off her eye popping bright colors and flare. This robot lights up the night with her fan twirling dance moves and will wipe the floor with anyone who dares to challenge her on her space. Rave Bot is a much more slender, sleeker model that her dance partners and she is the only girl in the Boogie Bot gang. The design of Rave Bot has a very streamlined figure that is full of personality. Rave Bot went through several concepts before I found the perfect one to work with. The concept with the long hair was a close favorite, but due to time and other constrictions I chopped the long hair out of the final concept.

One of the most important things I learned from this experience was that communication between everyone in the team was vital to the project’s success. Every week we had a small discussion meeting to check up on the project's progress, talk about any issues that anyone was having and how to solve them, as well as figuring out how the dances will transition to the next and in what order. As project leader, I had constant communication with the team, led all the meetings and created deadlines for when certain stages had to be completed. During most of the process we were able to hit our deadlines, but if there was someone that did not, we tried to figure out why they were struggling and helped them to complete their deadline.

The project was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about animating less rigid movments, how to sync an animation with the music, and I had to overcome many challenges from the modeling and animating.

To watch the full video (including the other robots) please click the following link to my YouTube channel.

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