Fear of the Dark


As a fan of storytelling and comics, I truly enjoyed working on this project. One of my illustration classes produces a comic book called “Word Balloons” every semester to showcase a selection of short comics from each student that participates.

My comic, “Fear of the Dark,” is based off of a flash fiction piece I wrote from a creative writing class. The comic is three pages in length and follows the character Holly. The story is about how something as normal as walking home from school can turn dark and grim very quickly.

To emphasize the sense of darkness taking over and surrounding Holly, I designed the borders of each page to slowly close in on the panels until the last panel is nearly consumed by black as Holly meets her unfortunate end.

By the end of this project, I gained a greater appreciation of working inside a grid to structure out my panels without fear of anyone misreading the panel order and how to keep an organized structure. I also learned a few tricks for my inking process that allowed me to manage my line work much easier.

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