Fireball the Toy Dragon


This project was primarily focused on designing a single character that would be used in a hyper-theoretical children’s television program with the restriction that it had to be a toy that would come to life. The other part of the project was to model the character, add texture, rig the character with a custom rig, then finally animate and render the character within a suitable environment.

Fireball is an enchanted stuffed toy dragon that lives within the home of a young wizard in training. While his owner is off studying the ancient art of magic, Fireball has adventures of his own within the walls of the castle. To accompany him on his grand adventures are his two most trusted friends from the toy chest: Lance, the Blue Knight of the Round Table, and Beth, the humorous chicken (neither character were developed during this process, only in writing as part of Fireball's character profile). During the development of this project I learned many tricks and techniques. I learned about controling various types of particles, how to create a custom toon shader for a fun cartoon look, and how to create a working rig system for a four-legged creature.

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